We’re karaoke purists and our rules are printed in the front of our books!

  • Tired of the “wanna-be” sports bars running late getting started on Karaoke night… For us to accept a show the location must agree to always start and end on time. We often start early if we have song submission slips and we don’t ever play regular music when we have submission slips turned in.
  • Bumping is not fair and we won’t bump anyone (the “sole bumping exception” listed below). And we value ALL our customers so we won’t even bump someone down for a child to have an extra chance to sing before having to leave, even though we like to hear kids sing… We’ve raised kids and know that they learn fairness early in life.
  • Sole Bumping Exception: Purists like to sing and really are waiting patiently for their turn to shine. The KJ owes it to the customers to act as the gatekeeper. To that end, come up when you are called or risk being bumped down. Only a couple chances before we stop calling you at all. The only thing Karaoke purists dislike more than regular music during a show is dead air time while someone looks up and then chooses to finish their conversation rather than coming when called. If that’s you, plan on being bumped… Remember that there are other customers waiting whose time is also valuable – So speaking for all singers – Fair warning – Get up or get over it! There is a difference that everyone recognizes between simply being in the bathroom and deliberately holding up the show.
  • We tend to draw a cross section and families early, mature singers mid-show, and the die hard young adults later. While there may not be a lot of harmony in life, there is a lot in our shows and that is why we typically draw a little older crowd who still appreciate the harmony dimension sometimes attained when utilizing other singers… In that regard our shows might not be for everyone. In fact we love duets and group sing-a-longs because they allow more of our audience to get engaged.
  • Liberal Rotation Policy: Slips played in the order received, only one name allowed per song submission slip, and only one slip with a particular singers name will be accepted at a time (we ask that you bring your next slip when you come up to sing). Having said that we don’t care if you choose to have one or more people sing along, even if they have already sung in the rotation. While a duet or group sing-a-long will count for the listed singer in that rotation it will not knock out any of the assisting singers. We are running four microphones. If you want to sing more… Bring friends who like to sing with others. That equates to more fun, for more singers, for more songs, for more of the show. As always, it is up to the listed singer to determine whether others may come up and assist.
  • Like to walk around the bar when you sing… The primary microphone provided to the person whose name is listed on the slip, is a remote and the batteries are literally changed nightly to keep it hot.
  • The KJ seldom does individual dedications and will let the audience know ahead of time if he needs to sing alone… Outside of that, don’t even feel the need to ask… If you like the song, get up and grab a microphone. In fact, quite often we end up giving away the microphone the KJ was using to let more of our customers sing. And assisting the KJ never counts as your turn in the rotation.
  • Want something changed with regard to the way you sound… Ask for it when you start. Each microphone has separate volume, reverb, tone, and gain levels, and the players adjust for pitch (key). The overall volume is established by the location… Please note that there are no controls that allow the KJ to speed up or slow down the music.
  • We maintain a list of requested music and make every effort to update our collection at least monthly. Karaoke music can be expensive and with the exception of things like musical soundtracks, songs must get or have gotten play-time at some point on the radio to be available on Karaoke. At the same time some songs get play time on the radio, and may be in our karaoke collection, before you can even buy the regular CD. Want to buy and sing your own music… “Songs and Samples” (two blocks west of Nall Avenue on the north side of Johnson Drive in the City of Mission, KS) is your place, and you can bring it to our shows. In addition to the typical CDG’s, our selection of individual players allow us to play most small disk format on the market including Super CDG, Divx, DVD, and MP4 format Karaoke music.
  • Even marginal singers sound incredible on a good sound system by about the tenth time doing a song because part of sounding great is attitude, learning the timing and figuring out when to go dynamic. And if you’re not the best to start with, remember that practice make perfect and your example will give others the courage to get up and try.
  • If the above sound like the rules that you wish were enforced at other places you have tried then you too are likely a Karaoke purist… Come early and become a regular… Sometimes you can sing as much in the first hour here as you can at other shows all night long because we only do karaoke… See you at the show!

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