Businesses, I can help increase your sales by bringing both current and new customers into your establishment, more often and for longer periods. Since the onset of the American Idol series, savvy business establishments have experienced huge increases in the numbers of customers of all ages, who utilize a karaoke venue to show off their talents. Those customers seek new audiences and Karaoke DJ’s who make them sound great. Karaoke customers often bring or meet singing and non-singing friends and family, typically buy product from two to four hours at a time, and often become regulars at the establishments where they perform.

I provide:

  • Equipment, Set-up, and DJ service (set-up time is not paid). I only do karaoke during karaoke time knowing that you could get a jukebox if you just wanted music.
  • The opportunity to run without a contract so you can cancel at any time if you are not satisfied.
  • The ability to use my reduced regular show rate to make money scheduling additional shows for your patrons special events.
  • The over 4000 karaoke songs found in my directory that run from the original discs rather than lower quality copies.
  • A quality sound system that allows for sound/pitch change and plays most small disk karaoke formats on the market. Many avid karaoke singers practice, bring and sing their own music. Being able to play their music allows those avid (or addicted) singers to frequent your place of business.
  • Receipts. As a sole proprietor I am responsible for my SSI and personal income tax payments.

I am only looking for weekend shows at this point in the Kansas City Area, but may consider other times in Wichita. I know that the continued success of my business will depend upon my ability to make our customers happy, and you money.

  • I always offer a graduated pay rate that will allow time to build a clientele of regular customers.
  • My final rate is typically $50 to $100 per night below the rate being paid for this customer base by most of your competitors. We really do this as a hobby because we like it and it will show to your customers. More questions… Feel free to contact any current businesses where I do shows and/or attend any shows that are not listed as private shows on this website.

Contact me:
Open Mike Music
Michael Smith